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James Malm on Tithing

Recently, James Malm was doing a series on the "18 Truths".  Now, I don’t agree with a lot of things that he puts out, but one item I was curious about was his views on "Tithing".  It actually is quite good, although it is more commentary than a thesis. His stress on "BALANCE" in giving […]

Tithing: You Always Have Choices

Over at the Preaching the Gospel blog, Author posted the article "What Really Is Church of God – America?"  It’s a good question, actually.  It is apparently backed by the International Ambassador Outreach organization, which was formed shortly after Leon Walker was fired and much of UCG in Latin America split.  Some have decided to […]

Reflections: Happiness and the False Gospel

I want to tidy up some loose ends on this pursuit of happiness bit. Without a doubt, the notion that we are here on earth to pursue our desires, our fulfillment, our … anything, actually… is centered on “I” and “me”. Christians are called instead to be Christ-centered. Christ had compassion upon others to the […]