Prove All Things: The Humility of John the Baptist 1

How do today’s religious leaders stack up? The above portrait of John the Baptist/Baptizer is probably a bit more realistic than most artists’ conception of Jesus. Actually, John’s hair was likely longer, as he was a Nazarite. Jesus, however, was a Nazarene, which means He lived in Nazareth, and that is something completely different. A […]

Oil painting of John the Baptizer

Photo credit: Jeri Ryan 04 via photopin (license)

Do We Really “Prove All Things”? 10

Judging from the number of people that follow false teachers, it doesn’t seem likely that enough do #ProveAllThings from our #BibleStudy. 2   A fool does not delight in understanding,     but only wants to show off his opinions. ~ Pr 18:2 (HCSB) The website move once again showed me the folly of technology, or at least […]

Are you as "proud as a peacock"?Image courtesy of Gualberto107 at

Hubris in the Church of God = Strife

The Bible calls for humility in the Christian walk, so how are we doing? 4 From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? ~ Jas 4:1 The Bible is quite clear.  Humanity has a heart problem.  Mankind has an attitude problem.  People […]

Website Cleanup Complete

I had to fix some, for lack of a better term, cyber-vandalism that has been causing some issues.  I call it “vandalism” because it essentially does as much good as spray painting your advertisements on bridges and walls in the alleyways.  At any rate, the consequences can mean a lot as far as Google goes, […]