2 Responses to “Chapter 7. Did Paul Gather Tithes and Offerings on Sunday?”

  1. Big Red Big Red says:

    Good article, and glad you pointed out the reason for taking the collection on Sunday. We can think of it in modern terms. If we’re collecting disaster relief supplies for church members, we might want to do that on Sunday, because it would involve a lot of work collecting goods, loading boxes on trucks, etc.

    HWA allowed construction crews to work on the Sabbath? Well, we still face that same question today. Is it okay to dine out on the Sabbath? After all, you’re hiring non-church members to work for you. Right? Same thing.

    • John D says:

      Well, I’ve previously given my opinion on eating out on the Sabbath, and I was surprised there wasn’t more discussion at the time. However, that’s starting to drift away from the topic at hand.