Daily Proverb: Crown of Glory, Maybe

The grey head is a crown of glory, if it is seen in the way of righteousness.

~ Pr 16:31 (BBE)

The Bible talks a lot about respecting the elders of a given community.  Age was deemed a sign of wisdom.

However, we see here that it is only a crown of glory if one has dealt righteously in their life.  It has a caveat to the status.  That is not sufficient grounds to disrespect an elder, but an elder who has acted foolishly in their lifetime can only expect so much.

One thought on “Daily Proverb: Crown of Glory, Maybe

  • JEPB

    The crown of glory is promised to all that are called and chosen… that is why we need to endure to the end. I heard a sermon by Richard Pinilli about 25 years ago that was titled “Don’t let anyone steal your crown”. The point is that having been called and committed totally to God’s Way of life, still does not guarantee that you will be in the first resurrection. Now that the new Pope (a Jesuit) is in the Vatican, what changes or miracles may he cause to stir up the whole world into the mindset of the middle ages. Where anyone not totally committed to their belief is an enemy and needs to be persuaded to return to Babylon.

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