3 Responses to “Can You Tell If You Have the Holy Spirit? Does It Involve Feelings?”

  1. brethal brethal says:

    I agree with your article about the Holy Spirit. Its been a long journey since I was baptized in 1973. I was wondering how you figured mathematically that “David was on the run from Saul for perhaps a decade”? Just curious. Thanks for the article.

    • @brethal: That’s a guesstimate, since no one knows for sure. David was almost surely under 20 when he killed Goliath, since he: 1. Was but a youth, 2. Not yet a soldier (which was for 20 and above), 3. Saul’s propensity to force every man to fight (which was actually against the law).

      Some believe he could have been as young as 15, but that’s a minority. Still, he was probably 17-19 or thereabouts. If he were 17, and if it were 3 years he was with Saul, then he would have been on the run for ten years (he was made king at 30).

      At best, it is a loose approximation, but even 8 years, almost a decade, on the lam would be a long time.

      Sorry for the lack of references. I’m not at the computer at the moment, and this has been covered in previous articles.

  2. Fixed an error, BTW. Apparently, I was reading one thing and thinking another at that moment. :)