5 Responses to “Can You Change?”

  1. Sl Ross on Facebook says:

    Excellent post, John. No one is incapable of change. But the humility, the desire, the willingness to admit that you need to and then to do it must be there. I hope and pray as Paula Deen goes through this that she realizes and does these things.

  2. John D Carmack on Facebook says:

    She might. Losing many of your sponsors is a bit of a humbling experience, after all. I still think she’s at least admitted she is wrong, but she needs to lose the excuses. However, the irony is that she could have avoided all of this to begin with by being humble enough to have settled her lawsuit, so she still has a ways to get there most likely.

  3. Sl Ross on Facebook says:

    Agreed. These were many of points in my post http://quintessentialldr.com/2013/06/22/paula-deen-and-unquintessential-leadership/

    I doubt that her brand can be saved without a heartfelt change and evidence of that change. It’s sad we humans do this to ourselves, but today it’s Paula Deen, and tomorrow it will be someone or someones else. We need Christ to return and Satan to be removed and the restoration and restitution of all things of God to really change everything.

  4. Methinks what hurt Paula Deen’s cause is her, uh, body of work. Remember when she admitted she couldn’t eat most of her own dishes because she’s diabetic?

  5. John D Carmack on Facebook says:

    It’s a combination of things, Richard. Any one of her current problems is a concern on its own, but she seems to be not just shooting herself in the foot but painting targets on them.