2 Responses to “Sex and the Bible, Part 4: “The Gay Gospel?” by Joe Dallas, a Resource for Those Who Need to Know More”

  1. io says:

    Good series of articles. There is a strong push of this agenda and it has been affecting mainstream churchianity for quite a while. It is only a matter of time before the CoG will have to address this issue (if not already – depending where a congregation might be). God has called people out of their sexual sins throughout history and I am sure it is no different today.

    You mention GCI as accepting this heresy (Me, surprised? not really.) … Is this in their publications officially? Or just what is being preached from the pulpits of their congregations as they continue to bend to the whims of culture and their steady departure from sound doctrine?

    • @io: I apologize, as I misread where he attends (and I have corrected the article to reflect he attends with CGI, not GCI). In either case, I don’t want to make that jump that it is any official teaching of either, as it could very well be simply his opinion, just as mine might differ from time to time (but certainly less substantially) from where I attend. It is my experience that people often will go off on a certain tangent that they never recover from before going off on their own, so let’s wait and see.

      My main point about GCI was more as to the larger question of why any of them should even care any longer about convincing the rest of us, seeing as they have already rejected everything that we know to be dear.