3 Responses to ““Prophets” Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Herbert W Armstrong”

  1. Big Red Big Red says:

    I don’t know whether HWA would’ve used the phrase, “horse hockey,” but he definitely used the phrase “crack pot” (during a feast sermon). The context was a widespread belief in the church that he was suppose to be alive during the end-time. He emphatically stated that he never taught anything like that. He called the idea “crack pot.”

    Anyway, very good post, John. How many times did HWA say “don’t believe me; believe your Bible” and “blow the dust off your Bibles.”

  2. Part of this seems to depend on how we understand church “government” lists in the New Testament (or at least some look at the lists that way). When a “pastor and teacher” is ordained an evangelist, does that mean he’s no longer a pastor/teacher? Is it a different job with different gifts, duties and responsibilities – or is it a new gift, in addition to the ones God gave before?

  3. John D Carmack on Facebook says:

    When you are basing your beliefs upon the teachings of a dead man, it doesn’t matter how “we” interpret it. It matters how he did. I think you totally missed the point of the post.