Daily Proverb: Causing Division

10 Drive out the mocker, and out goes strife;
quarrels and insults are ended.

~ Pr 22:10 (NIV)

“Mocker”, “scoffer” or “scorner” according to which version you are reading comes from luwts, Strong’s H3887.  It can also mean to boast, deride, interpret or babble.  What a wide range of ideas for one word!

In Gesenius’ Lexicon, we see that it can mean “to speak barbarously”, which helps to tie it all together.  It seems like babbling, as though one were speaking a foreign language.  It is though someone were speaking ignorant gibberish.

What are the implications of that?  Could it mean that a scornful attitude is foreign to God?  If it leads to strife, quarrels and insults, then whose language is it?

False teachers like to use words like “Laodicean”, “lukewarm” and so on to cause division, don’t they?  Instead of building up, they are in the business of tearing down, causing quarrels and strife, aren’t they?  It’s the old technique of divide and conquer.

John D Carmack

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I am an avid computer geek and Christian. My parents were baptized in WCG around 1973, and a lot of it made sense even then. I went out "into the world" for a while, but God brought me back when the time was right. A true prodigal son, it has deepened my conviction that this world really does need the intervention of Jesus Christ to keep it from destroying itself.