Speaking of YouTube, CCOG Now Has a Channel

Ironically, after deciding not to put up a YouTube channel myself, I see that COGWriter Dr Bob Thiel is “Announcing: Bible News Prophecy channel”.  Please don’t read too much into that statement, though.  I’m not suggesting he got the idea from me (or the other way around, for that matter).  I just found it – well – ironic, that’s all.

I did want to clarify a point that one or two people brought up via email.  Just because a person blogs (such as I do, for example) and certain people of a certain organization might read it, that does not mean that if that person leaves said organization that it wasn’t God’s will that a following would have been built up while the blogger in question was in said organization.  I also don’t necessarily agree with everything Author at PTG wrote in addition to Thiel’s Internet presence.

It just seemed like an odd statement for Thiel to make that he would reach more people than any other COG organization in its first 30 days, and more so since, technically, he is not in his first 30 days!  That would have been like me claiming that when I left UCG that I was starting over and going to reach more people the first month I was in COGWA than COGWA would.  That would have been silly, since I wasn’t really starting over.  [As a side note, most of you are aware that Google Blogger purged a lot of blogs one day, and this blog was hit.  After 2 days of nothing but frustration, I moved the blog, but the damage had been done.  Perhaps I should roll up my sleeves and get the old SEO ball rolling again?]

I have since learned that Thiel was likely responding to some claims by certain groups in his statement.  His reaction was, apparently, to affirm he would reach people.  So, context still means a lot, although, if this is true, perhaps he himself could have worded it better.

I myself am side-stepping the issue of whether or not Thiel should have continued having a video group.  I wasn’t there.  I don’t know all that went on.  In fact, I’m not asking to know, frankly.  That’s between Thiel and LCG, IMO.

At any rate, a church membership (notice the lower-cased ‘c’) is a lot like a marriage.  If either party wants to be hard headed, then it is going to be a difficult relationship, and it may well be that it cannot be worked out.  If both are hard headed, then a break-up is inevitable.

We need to consider first and foremost what God wants.  If we are convinced of a thing, we must not violate our conscience.  However, violating conscience can come in many ways.  A hardened conscience can happen because of what we do with the knowledge given as well as hanging on to whatever knowledge we have.  This is itself a truth that applies to any pastor general, top executive mucky-muck, council chairman or president as much as to the neophyte that just walked through the door.

One person who left UCG for COGWA stated, “Doctrine is as much about how you act as what you believe.  One doctrine is to show love for one another.”  I believe that to be true.  I’ll take it one step further and state that an unbeliever isn’t going to know you are Jesus’ disciple primarily through doctrine.  An actual unbeliever who isn’t being called probably cares less about doctrine.

35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

~ Jn 13:35

If an unbeliever cannot see your love, then why wonder why the church organization isn’t growing?

I have so much more to write about this!  I pray I can carve out the time.