Polar Opposite Views on Whether or not American Football Is a Sin

Perhaps Robert Thiel didn’t leave LCG over the change in doctrine of “the falling away” after all.  I’m beginning to think it must have been over the question of “Should Christians watch American football?”  I didn’t go and watch his video.  I’m not going to waste my time, frankly.  Judging by his previous articles on the topic, my guess is that the answer, according to him, is “No.”

Interesting enough, Wallace G Smith, a respectable LCG blogger at Thoughts En Route, seems to hold a much more moderate view, as can be attested in “Apparently, the Super Bowl cometh…”.  He doesn’t state it directly in that particular article, but he provides links to past articles, not the least which is, “Will There Be Football in the Millennium?

The question and conversation also reminded me of a question I received from an elderly widow lady in one of my congregations. She is a sweet lady who happens to enjoy football on television. She had read someone preaching something that unnecessarily troubled her and came up to me at services to ask for counsel, worried that watching football might be “evil” in some way. For such a sweet lady in my care to be so worried unnecessarily about something which was not a sin required a response.

Sort of makes you wonder where “she had read someone preaching … watching football might be ‘evil’ in some way.”  I cannot say for sure, but if I were a betting man…

False teachers and false prophets find things in which can be used to stir up controversy when there is no need for such controversy.  Rather than expending their efforts at exhorting individuals to make their election sure, they are more interesting in using small things that can be made to seem large in order to separate sheep from the flock in order to devour them.

It’s too bad that some individuals cannot use their talents to prod people to unity in the Father than trying to divide and conquer.

Of course, I suppose that “Thou shalt not tackle” might be in the Bible, and I just missed it, but if it is not, then it is another case of teaching that cannot be supported by the Bible.

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    • John D

      Well, it would fit in to his kitchen sink approach to fundamental beliefs, it would seem. It says a lot about your organization when the fundamental beliefs page is longer than the average blog article. At any rate, I’ll stop before I say something I’ll regret.

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