13 Responses to “My Prediction Is That David C Pack Is (Still) a False Prophet”

  1. Sl Ross on Facebook says:

    Agreed. He joins a long line of false prophets who have preceded him and still share real estate with him even now, unfortunately.

    It makes Hebrews 5:12-14 even more urgently relevant to us in making sure we are spiritually maturing and are able to discern what is spiritually sound and true and what is not (the filter, the standard must always be God’s word alone – it must be implanted in us so we have it readily available at all times) and whether the fruits are the fruits of the Spirit or the fruits of the works of the flesh.

  2. John D Carmack on Facebook says:

    It always comes back to discernment, doesn’t it? For proper discernment, we need: 1. A love of the truth (required!), 2. A willingness to dig into the Scriptures, the word of God, and 3. The Holy Spirit to open our eyes, mind and heart.

  3. Sl Ross on Facebook says:

    Discernment is always the bottom line, John, and the three ingredients you identified are critical to proper spiritual discernment. If any of those three is missing, any of us can be deceived.

  4. Alex says:

    I would suggest that one of the primary reasons Dave Pack is not a true prophet or apostle is the same reason many of the men in the COGs are off: They are breaking God’s Sabbath day, and very many of them (including Pack) have been confronted with the issue and have continually rejected correction, favoring the traditions of men.

    The question is: If one can’t even discern the myriad BASIC reasons why eating out on the Sabbath is wrong and continues to break it on a near-weekly basis — in such a BASIC part of keeping the fourth commandment (not having others work for us)… how on earth can we expect any of these men to truly have in-depth God-revealed discernment of biblical prophecy? It just doesn’t compute.

  5. You’d think the death of Dennis Luker in March would have been enough for him.

  6. Norbert says:

    “Why would people allow themselves to be so deceived?”

    I think what happens is an event such as a failed prediction gets put into a person’s private scale of making judgments for themselves. There are other reasons why people choose to align themselves with people like Pack/Weinland. When those other things are loved so much and are more crucial to their own personal identity, they can ignore the failed prediction on the other side of the scale.

    • @Norbert: Yes, that is why the love of the truth must prevail. “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved” (2Th 2:10).

      Still, I think the human propensity to not admit one is wrong or at fault comes into play here. I suppose, though, you could argue that simply means that one loves their ego more than the truth.

  7. Andrew says:

    John, as far as I can tell, Pack has not said when they will die.

    What he has said is that all the remnant of God’s people will unite under him on August 31 and the leaders will be killed by then. In fact in a recent statement, he’s said that it is not his place to say “who”, “when”, or “how”, just that it will happen. He also said recently that it will certainly not be on the last day (Aug 31), but probably before then.

    So just a minor bit of corrections on your post in terms of the checklist.

    • @Andrew: According to the Thiel article, he received an email from a (soon to be ex?) follower of Pack that: “Three…leading shepherds are to die by Fire on August 30, 2013- six weeks from now. He walks this out, then walks this back seemingly every sermon. He is not surmising, musing, he clearly has prophesied this and so I an many others await Aug 31. He listed 20 of 40 of so reasons why it has to be this year in Part 14 two weeks ago.”

      Thiel asked some questions, and then in a follow-up email, some sermon notes (emphasis mine): “How could so many things happen in 24 hours?
      “Minute 26. Three men die- Elul 24, then everyone makes a decision that day.”

      • Andrew says:

        I won’t defend Pack. The man is a lunatic. But everything I’ve read (and I’ve avoided Thiel, to be honest), has never cited dates on the deaths and rather stated what I said above.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s walking it back or saying things in such circles that people aren’t clear. But I do know at least he’s said what I’ve indicated… which means nothing in the long run. The man is still an insane narcissistic false prophet in the end.

        • @Andrew: And likewise, I am not in the habit if defending Thiel. However, he does do his homework, even if we would disagree on the interpretation of the evidence at times or even the source of some of which he gets his ideas. Regardless, we will know in a month, when the churches are still splintered and should anyone die between now and then it is because of natural causes.

          If I were Pack, I’d be walking very circumspectly. The Bible is full of examples where those who should have known better ran into some pretty humbling experiences after speaking against God’s people.

  8. Big Red Big Red says:

    Boy, did Pack send a roil through the Cog groups, or what. People wiggling their finger under their nose, going “pffff… the guy is a lunatic”. At the very same time, they wax ‘serious’ and provide ‘logical’ reasons why it’s still false, just in case it does happen. Talk about covering both possibilities! And of course, Bob Thiel thinks it’s all about him (vain self-appointed ‘prophet’ that he is).


    • Big Red wrote: “At the very same time, they wax ‘serious’ and provide ‘logical’ reasons why it’s still false, just in case it does happen. Talk about covering both possibilities!”

      Because following a lunatic is never logical. Nor is doing what the Bible says illogical. I’ve already proven Pack is one portion of the synagogue of Satan, so following him is following Satan. Nothing illogical about it.