2 Responses to “To Whom Is a Church Accountable? What About Taxes?”

  1. Andrew says:

    My apologies, John. I’ll avoid soapboxing over here on this subject, as I think I owe you for making you aware of this. :)

    Good link to Mr Smith’s post on the topic. I was looking those over the other day after your recommendation on his blog. Another reason I was shaking my head at this topic today.

    Once again, my apologies for the headache. I didn’t mean it!

    • John D says:

      @Andrew: Just to be clear, it didn’t cause the headache, but it certainly was not helpful. However, I don’t blame you. I still could’ve dropped it, and maybe I should’ve. It took what I had left in me for today. I was going to wait and respond tomorrow, but someone sent me a PM just a moment ago.