Daily Proverb: Obedience

The wise-hearted man will let himself be ruled, but the man whose talk is foolish will have a fall.

~ Pr 10:8 (BBE)

Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible says:

The wise in heart will receive commandments,…. Such who have true wisdom in the hidden part of the heart, of which the fear of the Lord is the beginning: these will not only, as good subjects, honour their king, and attend to his lawful commands; and, as dutiful children, regard those of their parents; and, as faithful servants, hearken to those of their masters; but, as such that fear the Lord, will receive and cheerfully obey the commandments of God and Christ;

but a prating fool shall fall; like Diotrephes, that prated against the Apostle John and other saints. Or, “a fool of lips” (b); whose folly is proclaimed and made known by his lips; who, out of the abundance of it in his heart, speaks and pours it out by his lips: such an one falls into sin and into mischief; he falls into disgrace in this world, and into hell in the next. The Targum is,

“the fool by his lips shall be taken;”

as in a snare.

(b) “stultus labiis”, Montanus, &c.

Satan’s way is the way of rebellion.  Rebellion usually comes from a prideful attitude, while true obedience requires humility.

3 thoughts on “Daily Proverb: Obedience

  • Big Red
    Big Red

    Yeah, I told Dennis not to stand directly in front of the bull. He immediately started to explain how he was a business major in college. The bull pinned him against the fence, and broke a couple of his ribs. Guess they didn’t cover that subject in business class.

    I took stupid attitudes and did stupid things as a kid, too. Maybe we should listen up to those with more experience, or have access to information that we don’t.

    • John D

      Yeah, we’ve all done dumb things, but hopefully not as painful as Dennis (I hope that’s just a story!). Most of us are supposed to grow up at some point, though. It’s not clear to me how many actually do.

  • Big Red
    Big Red

    True story about Dennis. Anyway, I read somewhere that the book of Proverbs is suppose to be a ‘practical advice manual’ for young adults. It could just be somebody’s opinion, of course. But it goes to your point about how we all need to grow up.

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