4 Responses to “So, How Does God Feel?”

  1. Sl Ross on Facebook says:

    Thank you for fleshing this out, John. One of the things related to Revelation 21:4 that I’ve been thinking about this week is that when sin, which is the cause of the “no more’s” in this verse, doesn’t exist anymore, then the “no more’s,” for both God and us, will occur.

  2. My pastor regularly expresses annoyance at reporters who ask “how do you feel” questions. He says the answer should be obvious, and thinking should override our feelings anyway. But is the love of God really all in God’s “head?”

  3. John D Carmack on Facebook says:

    Well, Richard Burkard, I can relate somewhat. I’ve seen reporters ask that question after a catastrophe of some sort, & I find myself sarcastically yelling at the TV, “Great! Outstanding! I was happy to watch them get hurt!”

    As far as the rest, “override” our feelings. I guess I would prefer the word “control”. Our heads should rule our hearts. That doesn’t mean God’s love, or ours for that matter, come from the head.

  4. Big Red Big Red says:

    Yeah, somebody goes through a horrendous event, then some reporter puts a microphone in his face and chirps, “how do you feel!” I wouldn’t actually do it, but I’d be sorely tempted to deliver a sharp left hook, and say “that’s how I feel.”

    Your analogy about the child not seeing the bigger picture as the parent does is a good one. The trust children show is love, because they absolutely adore their parents.