COGWA on Sabbath and Discernment (Judgment)

Unfortunately, today’s events have conspired to keep me home again, but I am thankful that the Internet can fill some of the gap.

It has given me a chance to listen to Dave Johnson’s sermon on “Searching All Things” on the Church of God, a Worldwide Association (COGWA) website.  It hits so many areas which I’ve blogged about in the past, not just recently but over time, and it is one of those “must hear” sermons, IMO.  He comes close to calling discernment a fruit of the Spirit, although he uses the word “judgment” more often, which is an appropriate synonym for discernment.

One point that can be gleaned from his message is that the Church can either help or hinder discernment.  I’ve argued as well that it needs to be exercised by the individual Christian if that particular muscle is to be built up.  Johnson begins by talking about entertainment and questioning how we decide what is proper entertainment and what is not.  He speaks about how HWA used to give sermons about the nature of man.  After he died, other ministers had to research it on their own.  The Church could come out with standards for length of dress in order to enforce modesty, or members can be encouraged to exercise discernment.  He also goes into how the Holy Spirit must be utilized to help us make proper decisions.

COGWA also has put out on its Life, Hope & Truth website the article “How to Keep the Sabbath as a Christian”.  It gives a good overview of COG beliefs on the Sabbath and brings out four principles on keeping the Sabbath.  Now, it is not a lengthy article, and since it is their evangelistic outreach site it is not a doctrinal thesis on the Sabbath or on the finer points of keeping the Sabbath.  However, I would encourage everyone to read and meditate on the four points they present.  I challenge each Sabbath keeper to examine their heart and determine how well they put these principles to use.