Radioactive Materials Black Market

The AP reports that investigations in Georgia reveal an underground market for nuclear materials.  Newser in “AP Exclusive: Georgia investigations detail stream of radioactive materials on black market” reports:

The extent of the black market is unknown, but a steady stream of attempted sales of radioactive materials in recent years suggests smugglers have sometimes crossed borders undetected. Since the formation of a special nuclear police unit in 2005 with U.S. help and funding, 15 investigations have been launched in Georgia and dozens of people arrested.

These are not the first reports of this type.  There still is the question of the whereabouts of alleged nuclear suitcase bombs in the aftermath of the breakup of the old Soviet Union.  Some claim they may have been sold in a larger black market, possibly with Middle East connections.

Yesterday, I wrote about political corruption.  However, even corrupt politicians have to walk some type of line.  It may be a wide line, but at least a line exists.  However, radioactive material that can create dirty bombs or even actual nuclear suitcase bombs in a black market mean any nutcase with money can get their hands on them, and they may be people who are accountable to no one.

We live in a world of amazing technology.  It means that with one key press or one mouse click, I can do more good than was ever possible before.  At the same time, I can also do a whole lot of damage with one key press or one mouse click, and it may be totally unintentional.  Yet, as those who watch tech news know well, hacktivism (activism in the form of computer hacking) is on the rise.  Technology has allowed more people to get hurt intentionally as never before as well.

Nuclear material in the wrong hands can mean the deaths and illnesses of a lot of people.  There are people who are unafraid to use it, and there are those who desire conflict with the US because they believe that this conflict will lead to the rise of their savior figure.

America and other countries who are descended from ancient Israel will become weak and powerless, bringing upon them great suffering.  How exactly this happens is not totally clear, but Revelation makes it quite clear that only three major powers will exist in the end time leading up to the return of Jesus Christ.  However, one in particular will dominate, and it will make the corruption of the present day look like kindergarten.  Some rich and powerful will benefit greatly, while others will literally be slaves in chains.

Watch the Middle East, and watch Europe.  Asia will form a coalition in the end time as well, but Europe will be the major power.  Known as the King of the North in Daniel and the Beast in Revelation, it will be a resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire.  Something will happen, though, and great worldwide war will break out, which will center initially upon Jerusalem.  None of these three groups will be in the right.  The followers of any of the three powers will be deceived and suffer the consequences of following them.

However, Jesus Christ will return, and He will stop the madness.  That’s the good news.  It is a promise, and God’s word is sure.  Mankind will not kill itself off, although God will allow it to come to the brink in order to learn that mankind without God cannot govern himself.