4 Responses to “Pledging Allegiance to an Organization: Bob Thiel’s Napkin Is Still on the Left”

  1. Todd Sauve Todd Sauve says:

    Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more John. The contents of his weblog has always seemed narcissistic to me. Not to mention wrongly judgmental of other churches.

  2. Todd Sauve Todd Sauve says:

    This might be a good time to remove the link to his Cog News site from your list at the top of your web page here, just like you did with James Malms’.

  3. Big Red Big Red says:

    At first I was surprised by this. Then again, I’m not surprised. Thiel has been sliding off the ledge for some time now. Taking the actual plunge is what caught me off guard.

    Todd used the right word in describing Thiel’s blog as “narcissistic”. That’s putting it mildly IMO. If you check out his ‘news of Global’ page, you’ll discover that he has declared himself a prophet.

    Here we go again…

  4. John D says:

    I’ll admit I did not want to believe it at first. It seems odd that he would be a cheerleader for them for so long and then just do such a 180 on them. Perhaps there are reasons unstated as well. Still, the “prophet” thing is too much, and I agree that only a narcissist would go that route. Consider his link in the blogroll removed.