8 Responses to “Malm Just Can’t Keep His Stories Straight–COGWA, LCG Merger or No?”

  1. Johm, did you have to go and make a post about Malm? I’ve been doing so good about not ranting or talking about him lately. :)

    Guess I should go read your entry and see what you’re saying and whether I should open my mouth.

  2. Oh, that was a short article. And succinctly gives an example of just how Malm is a deceiver. (here comes the rambles… and I just got done asking someone at dinner tonight to please not bring Malm up)

    This whole situation between Thiel and LCG and the big “to do” is amazingly straightforward, especially when put in a proper timeline. (basically boiled down to a popular and anti-COG blog referring to Thiel as LCG’s spokesman, which is really where the initial letter stemmed from. Malm just frothed at the bit to put down Thiel).

    I will admit, I find Thiel’s commentary to often be extremely biased, but at least he can generally be doctrinely sound. And while I think he may want to back off from using extra-Biblical prophecies in discussion… at least it’s not too hard to see where he’s coming from (i.e. the various Catholic prophecies he refers to, when you look at it, are basically inverted Biblical prophecies–something I knew long before Thiel was publishing any books on the topic). But Malm’s new conspiracy about him being a secret Catholic and Jesuit plant put there by Satan just to derail the COGs… I mean, seriously… WHAT?!

    Malm only has an audience for a few main reasons. 1) The human desire for gossip. 2) The itching ears of people for “new truth”.

    Came across a verse yesterday I’d forgotten about. I find it interesting that in terms of Malm’s claims that the proof of the soundness of doctrines and “prophecy” comes from the fulfillment… Well, Deuteronomy had something to say about it. Deuteronomy 13:1-3 “If there arises among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams, and he gives you a sign or a wonder, and the sign or the wonder comes to pass, of which he spoke to you, saying, ‘Let us go after other gods’—which you have not known—‘and let us serve them,’ you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams, for the Lord your God is testing you to know whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul.”

    Granted, he’s no dreamer of dreams, and given no accurate prophecies in his life. But even if something he predicts comes to pass, I’d say this passage in Deut should give all pause to say that just because someone is right on that doesn’t mean you should go follow them.

  3. Bah, hit enter on FB and not shift+enter as I intended. I wanted to reference the “new understanding” that he now has on Trumpets. How can people take him seriously when he has “new understanding” about the holy days at least once a year?! And then changes their meaning?! There’s a difference between new understanding and deeper understanding… of which he never offers.

    And his “new” understanding is built on such a flimsy house of cards. Such as the return of Christ could never be pictured in a fall holy day because that resurrection would be for the early harvest and not the later. Which is only predicated on the supposition that the “resurrection” itself is the harvest (which when has that ever been taught? I thought the harvest was about the groups being worked with). And…and… I could go on but really shouldn’t.

    I guess I can only take so much biting my tongue before I just find an excuse to let lose, especially on that fraud.

    Then again, I’m just an agent of the masons and Satan according to him, anyway.

  4. Handyman says:

    Well, in truth if this is his quote, “No type of merger plan was ever at any time alleged by me!” then Malm has plausible deniability, a term I learned during Pres. Clinton’s administration.

    Clinton was/is an amazingly good ‘twister of the truth’, as a lawyer, carefully avoiding lying, per se. The term ‘spin’ probably came into common usage then to indicate how that democrat administration twisted truths.

    You will notice Malm denied “alleging” a “merger plan”.. In other words he could have stated one outright, he could have hinted at a merger WITHOUT stating a “plan” for it, etc.

    I am just beginning to review his Shining Light blog & associated pages. I reviewed & dismissed it years ago (it seems) but it’s time to revisit it now..

    I’m still looking for an online forum to discuss Biblical issues openly among friends & brethren in the greater Church of God. All the forums I’ve found are “group based” & exclude, more or less, comments, referrals, endorsement of other groups, ministers or materials. Why be so exclusivist? God’s Church is so much LARGER than one, tiny group!!?


    • John D says:

      I expect he will try to deny it. The real question is whether or not those who follow him will continue to close their eyes to this.

      I don’t know what kind of forum you are seeking, but I have a feeling it would quickly devolve into chaos. There are so many viewpoints out there, it is surprising. Even stranger is when they insist their derivation is “right” and everyone else is “wrong” even when it is obvious speculation at best. Then, there are the ones, and not necessarily different ones, that want to hijack groups for their own agendas, and that is both sad and troubling at the same time.

      It’s like I’ve been saying all along. A lot of the reason, as I perceive it (which obviously could be wrong), that God busted up WCG in the first place was a general lack of humility amongst the majority of the membership. “We” “knew” “the truth”, and “the world” did not, after all. Knowledge puffeth up, and it certainly did with employers, teachers and neighbors time and time again.

      Look at the description of the Laodicean church for what it really says. They had a “have need of nothing”, or so they thought. This is such an obvious reference to pride if not arrogance.

      So, with that attitude of “I am right, and everyone else is wrong” so prevalent, and esp. over sometimes nit-picky non-salvation issues, can they really get along?

      Pride is perhaps the hardest for one’s own self to detect, the hardest to get rid of and it stands in the way of spiritual growth in almost every way. It was Satan’s downfall, and it is probably the dominant attitude he broadcasts to others.

      Something for everyone to consider pre-Atonement.

  5. maiuuislandgirl says:

    ok..James M. has finally did for me!..his latest blog on the so called persecution against the brethren who are coming to HIS way of thinking and keeping different dates for Trumpets and the other Feast days absolutely tears it!..He stated that an elder( local) and a deacon in an Oregon COGWA congregation have been disciplined , demoted and suspended from speaking and church attendance because of these new truths ( unjustly)..my question is..why would these two men want to be part of an organization which does not hold the same “beliefs”? they apparently will meet on different holy days and work on the days that we believe are the true Holy Days..and will not hold their peace on the Sabbath when ask to explain.. there can be no unity in a group if everyone doesn’t hold to the same “core” beliefs..IMO, the only converted way for these two men to have handled the situation would have been to leave, which apparently, they had not chosen to do so, until asked by the minister…for them to continue to attend and “speak” would create choas in the congregation..my question to Malm is..if you are only interested in brethren knowing the truth and leaving the so called pollution of their association, why haven’t you told those who follow you to create as little chaos and disruption as they leave. and further more, why is the attitude one of” I am more righteous and you are going into tribulation or the lake of fire , because of your unrighteousness? this is not of God’s Spirit..but of satan’s and Mr. Malm should be trembling in his boots for he Will answer to Christ for all this deception and chaos he has created !! ok..I’m done “ranting and raving” sorry John

  6. Big Red Big Red says:

    James Malm and Bob Thiel. Two bad apples calling each other a bad apple. One is easy to spot; the other more subtle – practicing what the spy master once said – a lie is best hidden between two truths. Why choose between the apple with the obvious bug hole and the one with the salmonella?

    • John D says:

      @Big Red: You gotta be careful with analogies. Let’s, for argument’s sake, assume it is an accurate comparison.

      1. Since salmonella is not seen and a worm hole is, then doesn’t the expression “strain at a gnat but swallow a camel” come into play?

      2. Salmonella is killed by cooking, thus rendering it harmless. Likewise, some deviations from truth can more easily be dealt with than others.

      Besides, subtle isn’t necessarily less obvious. I’ll leave it at that.

      Now, I’m no fanboy of Thiel. We’ve had our share of emails too. Maybe I’m a bit naive, but I hope he learns something from this. There have been times he has been willing to listen to reason, so I remain hopeful. I, for the record, do not believe he is a “closet Catholic” by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a ridiculous slander, IMO. However, I do wonder if he isn’t just a bit too preoccupied with unbiblical prophecies.

      Malm, OTOH, does not like correction, even on unimportant matters. Barring a miracle, he isn’t likely to change his tune about anything.

      BTW, did you know that the core of an apple is poisonous? Apple seeds contain cyanide. That’s why you aren’t supposed to eat it. It could make you pretty sick, although just a few won’t kill you. See “Yes, Apple Seeds and Cherry Pits are Poisonous“. Therefore, it isn’t just the wormhole you have to worry about with Malm’s writings, but the very core is bad for you as well.