Traditional Calendar Resources

OK, I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes.  Winking smile  In my defense, I promised someone I would pull together a list of resources.  It should give a comprehensive review of the traditional calendar from a current perspective, the perspective just prior to the WCG split of 1995 and much older thinking on the calendar during the days of Herbert W Armstrong (HWA).

Past Church of God Perspective Calendar Articles

Obviously, I would hope some of my own articles make the case for the traditional calendar, with references as appropriate.  Here are some past COG Perspective articles on the calendar that should serve as a good introduction.  The most important thing, in my view, are items and ways of thinking about the calendar that I take into consideration that I don’t feel are adequately addressed in some other places.  Of course, YMMV.

Lesson 3 From the Feast, the Calendar

An Earth Day Is a Little Shorter Now

“Calendar” Ignored?

Reflections and Case Studies in Setting or Changing the Calendar (be sure to check out the comments!)

My Personal Favorite Calendar Article

IMO, the best article on the calendar was posted in Forerunner in August 1994, “The Cancerous Calendar Controversy” by John W Ritenbaugh.  He makes a good case that no calendar system can be put together, even one by observation, without human judgment of some type being involved.

Really Old Calendar Articles

There are treasure chests of knowledge all over the net.  However, one of the best might be the Herbert W Armstrong Library and Archives.  There is a section devoted to Calendar Information that contains these publications:

  • In 1957, two Good News articles appeared on the calendar by Kenneth C Herrmann.  What is interesting about this is when a certain COG critic will cite these two articles but take the relevant parts that support his position totally out of context – a favorite tactic of COG critics.
  • Also available is “God’s Sacred Calendar”, reprinted in 1974 (publication and author unknown, but carries the Ambassador College reprint permission and WCG copyright are in evidence).
  • Then, there is “The Hebrew Calendar – Authoritative for God’s Church Today”, 1981 (same copyright comment applies here).

Hopefully, these will be of benefit to those seeking the truth on the matter.