One Response to “Controversy Over Apostasy (“Falling Away”) in 2 Thessalonians 2?”

  1. maiuuislandgirl says:

    John..I have been away from my computer and today is the first time! what is happening not only in the world ( Libiya and Cairo) but also in the COG groups? the controversy ( so called by some) surrounding Bob Thiel and that not their business to sort out? why do some have to put their “two cents” in and blow it up into a major Malm and Pack to name a few . this has happened before with many of the ministry in many of their respective church groups, for many different reasons. Why do we constantly involve ourselves in these issues when they have nothing to do with us.. are we so righteous and pure in our own eyes, that we now have nothing to overcome and must ” see” the so called sins of our brothers ? IMO. if this type of thing continues on…the Father is not going to “add” to His Church, because all are in a state of hypocrisy and “desiring for self”.. ie position and power that is prevalent in His Church today..Brethren, the only thing we need to be concerned with is ( and BTW important to The Father) ” how are WE doing in His eyes? Is our conduct , thoughts, and representation of our God pleasing to Him? Will Christ at His return say ” well done my faithful servant’ ? also, are we watching events as they begin to spinning out of ‘ control and praying fervently that we are ready for whatever comes next..don’t let what is happening in our groups trouble us..have faith that He is always in control..don’t get “caught up” with the emotions and the debate of.. is it right or wrong? we can’t know for sure because most of us don’t have ALL the information to make a proper judgement remember all that is going on is The Father’s Business and lastly, always pray “Father help me not to be deceived by man or statan”.