Sometimes, the Right Is Wrong: Bill O’Reilly Says Christianity Is a “Philosophy”

I’m amazed at how some commentators go off the deep end at times.  I don’t mean a little bump in the road or even a small ditch to the side of the road, either.  I mean, going off a cliff from where it is most difficult to return.

Last week, Bill O’Reilly of the O’Reilly Factor stated, “Christianity is a philosophy, not a religion!”  Actually, he yelled it, and he yelled it at an atheist guest.

Christianity not a religion?  Huh?

Now,  I don’t think there’s a “War on Christmas” specifically, to be honest.  It really is a “War on Christianity”, or at least what most people believe Christianity to be.  Anything that smacks of the Bible (doesn’t even have to be a quote), Judeo-Christian values or even mentions the forbidden word “Jesus” these days becomes something that sends out a homing signal for attack, sneering and hatred.  At the same time, everyone is supposed to be “sensitive” to all other faiths, or the lack thereof, while attacking the very foundational values this country was based upon.

Seriously, though, I have no power to stop people from putting up a Christmas tree or convince them that it is not Christian.  God does the calling.  But, it is a “Christmas tree”.  Calling it a “holiday tree” only muddies the waters of where the holiday actually came from even more.  It is the holiday of “Christ-mass”, and it is the “mass” part that should give one pause, unless of course they are Catholic.  Why do Protestants even celebrate a Catholic holiday?

But, that is somewhat getting off track.  Yet, so is calling Christianity a “philosophy”.  It is most definitely a religion, and that is from the theological experts rather than just my opinion, albeit like all other religions it has sects, divisions and disagreements amongst the diverse subgroups within it.  There is no requirement that it be “organized” as a whole in order to qualify as a religion.  In fact, some religions make it a point to not be overly organized.

So, in response, I wrote an open letter to Bill O’Reilly “Bill O’Reilly’s Lunacy in War on Christmas, an Open Letter” an posted it online on Yahoo to give it visibility.

FWIW, I don’t know why atheists are in such a bunch over this anyhow.  Even if you assume that holidays like Christmas are to honor God, there should not be a problem.  All sorts of cultures have days to honor their gods as well.  Since atheists believe that God does not exist, then the day they honor God does not exist either.  Problem solved.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes, the Right Is Wrong: Bill O’Reilly Says Christianity Is a “Philosophy”

  • Richard Burkard on Facebook

    My American Heritage Dictionary has 12 definitions of “philosophy.” #10: “A basic theory; a viewpoint.” #11: “The system of values by which one lives.” Sounds like O’Reilly is applying #10. I’ve heard plenty of ministers define Christianity along the lines of #11.

  • John D Carmack on Facebook

    Doesn’t matter, does it? If he said it were both a philosophy and religion, perhaps I would agree. It is difficult, if not impossible, to have a religion without a philosophy. It is quite possible to have a philosophy without a religion.

    However, you need to review what he said. He said Christianity is NOT a religion. That’s the sort of stuff you find on a horse farm.

  • Norbert

    Maybe when O’Reilly said Christianity is a “Philosophy” was because people like Ann Coulter labelled atheism as a movement having high priests with a religion of their own? Just guessing here.

    • John D

      @Norbert: Those positions look pretty incompatible to me. Essentially, to put them together would mean atheism is a religion while Christianity is not. No, I think O’Reilly probably wasn’t considering what Coulter said. He probably was giving his opinion in spite of it, or he may not have been aware of it.

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