One Response to “Judging God”

  1. maiuuislandgirl says:

    John ..what an excellent post and IMO, one needed very badly for God’s people…when most of us were converted , we thought all of our troubles and trials were over..after all, were we not in God’s church? and wasn’t everyone converted and doing what was right? But as we went along, we discovered that God’s Church was filled with human beings just like us, struggling to do what was right but not always first, ( for me anyway) , I was stunned especially when the problems with brethren and the world happened..I thought that God was asking the “impossible” of me to do what was right, when my carnal nature was pulling me in the opposite direction.. That it was unfair of Christ and The Father to ask this of me IMO, ( I am of strong opinions, and sometimes quick to judge) and ..In my mind, I judged Them as unreasonable, and not really understanding what They were asking of I became more converted, I began to understand , what this Calling really meant and that everything I experienced and would experience in the future was to that End..when I realized how patient and merciful God was, and is, it changed my view point and attitude completely..Anyone who hasn’t come to that realization ( in God’s Church) is in a pitiful state, fearful and afraid just as the servant with the one talent..we must understand that God would never ask of us, what we can’t deliver, especially with the help of His Spirit. and that He is a patient, loving and merciful Creator to His Children…If we do, Nothing can withstand us in heaven or earth.