Welcome to Church of God Perspective!

Church of God Perspective is a resource for those who may or may not be familiar with the teachings of Herbert W Armstrong (HWA), founder of the Radio Church of God, later renamed to Worldwide Church of God (WCG).  From a challenge from his wife, Loma Armstrong, he went on a Bible study to prove her wrong that the seventh day of the week, known as Saturday on our calendars, was the correct day of worship.  Instead of proving her wrong, though, he soon found that not only was she correct, but that many of the teachings of the mainstream churches were so different from what the Bible actually says that the Apostles would not even recognize any of them as the religion they practiced!

Several offshoots of WCG came into being after HWA’s death in 1986 due to an overall apostasy setting in, when the leadership began to embrace more mainstream evangelical teachings and discarding many of the truths HWA rediscovered.  This site and its blog seek to be more or less independent of these organizations and do not officially endorse any specific one.  However, this site is unafraid to warn people of the dangers of associating with those organizations which have gotten off-track.

This site is dedicated to seeking out the truth.  HWA and the WCG played a part in leading many to the truth.  However, no human leader other than Jesus Christ deserves adoration and worship.  In that light, this site acknowledges HWA was a fallible human being and his teachings, as well as anyone’s, must be held up to Scripture for scrutiny.